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Bali News
Roller Coaster Effect. Bali Hindu Support a Mass Transit Rail System that Honors Local Sensitivities. (9/13/2014)

Plans under consideration to reduce traffic congestion in Bali by building a Monorail system has received a "green light" of sorts from theHinduism Society (PHDI) chairman, I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana.

As reported by Radar Bali, Sudiana said plans for a monorail in Bali deserves support in order for the Island to meet the need of its local populace and tourist visitors. Such support, however, is not unconditional, with Sudiana requesting that the monorail be located in remote, less populated regions.

The request to build a mass transit system in areas away from the masses seems contradictory, at best. Moreover, Sudiana wants any monorail to honor local Hindu cultural sensibilities regarding height and distance by building a "roller-coaster" like rail system that would descend to street level whenever passing in close proximity to a Balinese temple.

Said Sudiana: "It would be better if Bali had a monorail that encircled the entire Island. It needs to be coordinated. If it is close to a 'pura'it should descend. If it is close to a 'Pura' let not have a dispute later."

He explained that any move that eases public transportation and does not offend the sanctity of temples, it would receive the support of the PHDI.

He also cautioned those planning to build a rail system near Bali's beaches to ensure that areas used for seaside Melasti ceremonies not be disturbed. See more - balidiscovery.com

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