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Bali News
We Have a Search Warrant! Prosecutors Raid Bali Airport Office Seeking Evidence in Ongoing Corruption Investigation. (9/12/2014)

The ongoing investigation of corruption by PT Angkasa Pura I (PAP I), the managers of Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport, entered a new phase on Thursday, September 11, 2014, when a team of seven prosecutors conducted a surprise search of PAP I's offices seeking evidence of alleged malfeasance of taxes paid for airport advertising. 

According to Radar Bali, tempers flared during the surprise search that saw prosecutors shout at PAP Istaff who appeared to be reluctant accepting the search.

The team of 7 prosecutors  walked into the office of PAP I shortly after 10:00 a.m. demanding access to the office of the former commercial manger, Nurspato - an office now occupied by his replacement Ida Bagus Mandala.

"We have come on official business," said one of the prosecutors, "please provide us with the data we seek. Don’t hide things. Or (if you do), we bring all the data back to the prosecutor's office."

This reportedly happened after staff of PAP I were unresponsive to the team of prosecutors who arrived wearing jackets identifying them as a member of the "Corps to Fight Corruption.

When screamed at by prosecutors, some of the PAP I staff were reported by Radar Bal to have suddenly gone quite pale.

Over time, PAP I staff members began complying with prosecutors request for data. Investigators remained at the PAP I until approximately 3:00 pm and returned with a number of files in cardboard boxes..

Three employees have already been named as suspects in the ongoing corruption case. 

During the surprise raid by prosecutors, the Communications and Legal officer of PAP I Shively Sansaochi became angry with members of the media covering the raid, claiming the reporters had no right to be in the office, asking them to leave.

Clearly angry,  Sansaochi shouted: "The airport belongs to us; everyone is required to follow the rules in place here. Reporters are not allowed to enter here. Get out! Get out!."

When reporters from Jawa Post and Radar Bali asked what rules banned reporters from covering the new, Sansaochi continued: "These are our rules. Please leave. Please leave so you don't disturb people trying to work."

Eventually the reporters were escorted out of the office. But Shively continued to protest, ordering reporters to leave. 

"If later you want explanations, ask the prosecutors," she said
. See more - balidiscovery.com

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